Next round of Alamo Plaza revisions coming up

by Ben OlivoJuly 10, 2018

It's been two weeks since a series of tense public meetings were held, in which opponents of the Alamo interpretive plan squared off against out-of-town planners and public officials who defend the proposal's larger points.

Those larger points include the relocation of the 1930s Cenotaph memorial, closure of Alamo Street and roping off the plaza with 24/7 accessibility at certain gates, the suggestion of partial demolition of the three historic buildings across the street, and the rerouting of the Battle of Flowers Parade.

Tonight, the 28-member Alamo Citizen Advisory Committee is scheduled to meet from 6 to 8 p.m. at Prassel Auditorium, The Witte Museum, 3801 Broadway. The committee, made up of local and state appointees, was formed in 2014 to freshen up a 1994 Alamo Plaza study, and to craft a set of guidelines principles for the plaza. Read Express-News reporter Scott Huddleston's latest report to get caught up.

According to the meeting's agenda, the committee will hear the results of an online survey, which largely align with the current proposal, Alamo officials say.

Also discussed will be the traffic plan, and a briefing on an archaeology site on the grounds. Read the traffic study here.

The meeting, in a way, sets up four more public meetings scheduled for July 16-19 (times and locations are TBA) when the public will get a chance to see revisions to the plan. Feedback from those meetings was recorded and can be found here.

» Here's another official Alamo page full of resources.

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