2012 is the year the lameness died

by Ben OlivoAugust 6, 2018

and that's a bad thing

San Antonio stopped being San Antonio. The year was 2012. Or, maybe it was 2011. I was covering downtown for the San Antonio Express-News, and I started a piece called "The year the lameness died."

not forgetting about the rest of the city

It was a look-back at 2012, a year when I felt like downtown had lost its puro-ness. When gentrification had wiped away the things that make San Antonio, San Antonio. To understand the point I was trying to make, I believe that San Antonio's lameness is a good thing. Tacoland before the current owners put the word "Viva" after the name and thus turned it into an abomination. Los #3 Dinners. The old Bar America. Our countless taquerias. I could go on.

It's when San Antonio stopped becoming San Antonio.

It never meant that San Antonio should not progress. We should. We need to. And we have, and many of those improvements have been good for the city.

This isn't a column about BLAH BLAH BLAH. That time has passed. What are we in now? What is this downtown we're in now?

rock it from its core

jar it from the Stone Age and into something else

you're starting to see that now with empty lots being turned into apartments

Can it improve without losing the fabric of what makes San Antonio, San Antonio?

We will see


Like much of what I wrote, I never finished the piece.

But it got me wondering, if downtown San Antonio lost

when a new apartment development was news, now, it's not so much news anymore

it was unrecognizable to my grandmother

it's unrecognizable to me

and that's a good thing, too.

when San Antonio stopped being San Antonio.

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