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Playland pizza on Houston Street two weeks away from opening

by Ben OlivoAug 06, 2018

Playland, a nontraditional pizzeria by the duo behind Southtown restaurants Feast and Battalion, and Rebelle at the St. Anthony Hotel, is two weeks away from opening in the Maverick apartment building on Houston Street, says partner and chef Stefan Bowers.

Already, the restaurant's patio has been outlined by a series of planters. Inside, the essential elements are in place, including a wood-burning oven, a marble-top bar, a couple of metallic, star-like chandeliers, and mannequin art pieces that loom over the dining area.

Playland will offer pizzas with a red tomato-based or white cream-based sauces under traditional toppings. A third category, called "Playlands," will offer unconventional pizzas using La Quercia cured meats from Norwalk, Iowa.

Other than pizzas, smoked Carolina-style pork butt, stuffed and fried jalapeƱo poppers, beer-battered onion rings, wings, and charred veggies cooked on a Big Green Egg, will help round out the menu.

In 2015, Bowers and restaurant partner Andrew Goodman opened Rebelle inside the renovated St. Anthony Hotel, a half-block north of the Maverick at 606 N. Presa St.

So, Bowers knows downtowners' eating habits, and therefore knows that dinner can be challenging for restaurants in the city's core.

"I feel confident about dinner because there isn't an approachable restaurant that you can walk up to and eat," Bowers said. "It's pretty high end down here."

The most expensive item on Playland's menu will be $15, he said.

He added, "At night this area is kind of dark. I think this can to be a game changer."

The restaurant will offer a full bar with a draft beer program, and include all of Goodman's eclectic design touches that regulars of Feast and Rebelle know so well.

Goodman, a San Antonio native, took the name from San Antonio's Playland Park, the beloved amusement park just north of downtown that closed in 1980.

Tentative hours are 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Sunday-Thursday, 11 a.m.-11 p.m. Friday-Saturday.

Photos by Ben Olivo | San Antonio Heron

Photos by Ben Olivo | San Antonio Heron

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