Changes at the Heron

by Ben OlivoAugust 20, 2018

Dear readers,

Jolene Almendarez, co-founder, reporter and director of community engagement, has resigned from the Heron. This includes her role as a member of the Heron's board of directors.

What does this mean for the Heron? It's moving forward, and remains a nonprofit news organization in the state of Texas — myself as editor with part-time support from interns Alexis Aguirre and V. Finster. For now, Irene Abrego, journalism professor and adviser at San Antonio College, and myself remain the Heron's only board members. So, if you're interested in serving on our board, drop me an email.

For the time being, the Heron is solely funded by me. Soon, I'll be asking for your financial support — any amount is great — so that we can continue to deliver thoroughly-reported and clearly-written stories in a timely fashion.

Also, in about a week, we will launch a redesign of the site — one that is geared more toward the mobile experience.

As always, thank you for reading, and send any feedback to

Ben Olivo
San Antonio Heron

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