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by Ben OlivoAugust 20, 2018


out of date recommendation

because there's not something new on the table that

EH — we have not done a formal review,

MG — i think that

christian ministry???
local businesses, churches, hospitals, CPS energy, on what is happening in our community. along mccullough there are a lot of historic buildings,and we do care about the urban revitlizaiton of this area, not only aesthetcally, but culture and guiding principlas. service, hospitals, churches,

my nonprofit located in a very

we are excited by what is occcurring, and excited that grey street partners

we are all in favor of some of these architectural design changes that are in light with preserving the past and WHAT???

in favor of the changes to the print shop

that particular part of that building has not been viewed . . .

Brad Kaufman

Transwestern Real Estate Broker

speak in favor

we bring alot of grousp sround downtown and they see a lot of this product that has been done . . . big thing for them . . . you have spaces redone, it's light, appropriate windows . . .

Peter French

Greystreet Partners


grace lutheran church

other members of mccullough consortium

two corridorrs that are seeing a resurgence

Jim Shelton, design director Genslser San Antonio

we were onthe agenda on Aug. 1, we oved it back to this date

staff asked why, and requested a meeting

we had a meeting with staff, with Kevin Covey, they had more opinions on how to treat the existing facade, more than you all had . . . we ended up getting the revisions to you . . .

this corner of the building, we feel we have a little more flexibility to adapt the

staff said we want a clear definitino between the old and the new

fourth floor ir still set back, roof terrace

we will have to replace the brick, very deteriorated

back up material has been pretty much destroyed

we're suggesting take the facade back, rebuild the fenestrations of the existing building

fenestration pattern on eastern side — — similar to other fenestration patterns . . .

MG — in addition, you're creating documents

JS — th ebrick neds to come down, we're basically are going to come back, based ont he NS, same openings that are there now. window sysstem that are replicated to the . . . .

it's not a true divide of light, they're basically one by 2-6 panes . . . brick, if you read the guidelines . . . you

MG _ roof line has changed, not just a flat plane

JS — fourth level as to act as a reveal, so we have the cap, based, reveal, cap, when we changed to the glass level of the third level . . . flat cap looked weird on level 4. by lifting the roof to the east . . .

MG _ in your pro opinoin the condition of the brick is . . . the issue of the mastic is a big deal . . .

JS _ brick is a
mortar is very hard,
mortar is like cement

_ you go back with a nice good brick, tanb brick, than the yellow that's there now.

MG _ what we are hoping you would explore are the portions of the building that does remain . . . the clear separation betwen the height of the building, and waht's standing . . .i think that was a great suggestion . . .

it's a very different building than the light building
we were trying to doa building that was a litle more subtle, a little more tied in to the neighborhood

item 4
constructino f underground parking


yes, staff has given conditional approval of connector portion

MG — i'm extremely pleased with the amount of effort you've put into this

i don't personally think we can get to the point of a final approval today, but I bet we could do some conceptual approval

don't think it would be appropriate to give it the checkered flag right now . . .that would give the staff an opp to create some comments

FISH — would coneptual approval on items 1-2, final approval 3-4, would allow your scheduled

FETZER — I applaude your efforts here, as you're developing this, there are two existing details on the facade, . . one is on the north facade, are those green enamel panels, or wha are those materials???

green panel, KEEP IT

east elevation
projecting concrete eyebrow . .consder that for the new facade

JS _ I'll try, what's hard is the east facade doesn't line up . . .

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