Rep. Biedermann wants to wait on Alamo plan until Lege meets

by Alexis AguirreSeptember 16, 2018

A small crowd gathered outside the Alamo Plaza Friday morning to listen to State Representative Kyle Biedermann speak on his disapproval of the Alamo Master Plan and most importantly the conversation surrounding the Cenotaph.

The monument erected in front of the Alamo has been the topic of a much heated debate. The current plan would move the Cenotaph from its location in front of the Alamo to a “free speech area” located 500 feet outside the Alamo walls and in front of the Menger Hotel.

San Antonio residents and Texans alike have expressed their disdain for the plan. This is Texas Freedom Force and the Alamo Defenders Descendants Association have been vocal about their opposition to the relocation of the Cenotaph and how its relocation would bring dishonor to the memory of the soldiers.

Biedermann said the rallies and letters sent to keep the Cenotaph in its current location have all fallen on deaf ears.

Biedermann is hoping to hold off on any movement regarding the Cenotaph until January, when the state legislature meets. Biedermann said to his knowledge, there has been no long term lease agreement drafted just yet and is hoping it’ll stay that way until the new year.

Biedermann addressed a letter to Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush who signed off on the plan Wednesday. In the letter, Bidermann said moving the Cenotaph would leave it “open to protest and disrespect.”

The letter was signed by eight other representatives including Cole Hefner of District 5, Mike Lang of District 60, Tony Tinderholt of District 94, Briscoe Cain of District 128, Terry Wilson of District 20, Jonathan Stickland of District 92, Bill Zedler of District 96 and Valoree Swanson of District 150. | @alexisraguirre on Twitter

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