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How the Council might vote on Alamo plan

by Ben OlivoOct 13, 2018

Late into Wednesday's joint meeting of the Planning Commission and the Historic and Design Review Commission, one of the commissioners asked a city official who would control Alamo Plaza after the 100-year lease is up—the city or state? Seated in front of me was a retired lawyer named Frank Adelman, who said to himself, "We'll all be dead."

Most likely.

When that time comes, the citizens of San Antonio will look back at this City Council and this mayor and judge whether they nailed it (like the River Walk) or screwed the whole thing up (like not building the AT&T Center downtown).

On Wednesday, during the joint meeting of the Historic and Design Commission

There is very little doubt that the City Council will pass the Alamo master plan on Thursday. No doubt it will be a historic vote. During one of the meetings

One hundred years from now, when the lease is up with the state, maybe

On Wednesday, when the City Council met in their regular B session, to discuss the Alamo master plan, most were pretty up front about how they would vote. But some weren't, and that's what makes things interesting. I'd be shocked if it weren't passed. With the Council members who chimed in at the meeting.

This thing is passing.





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