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by Ben OlivoOctober 24, 2018

College of Business


we are the second or third largest

largest undergrad

No1 ranked cyber security ranked program in america housed in the college of business

this building we are anticipating

architects, the architects is to make it cool, so that our students and faculty want to come and want to stay ...


what we're trying to do, is build a distributed campus

4000 grow to 15K in next 10-15 years
2 colleges to four colleges ...

Jerry Gyer???

representing citizens oversight committee san pedro creek
casa navarro
owned by the state of texas
owned ad operated

Rosemary Gyer, Navarro descendant

we are here to welcome UTSA downtown into our old N

we're within the core of the historic city center of san antonio

it's wonderful to have an education, it's a

Commissioner Elizondo

we had a request as things were moving along, in June, the regents Rad Weaver, and came and asked em and the san antonio president taylor, Eighmy, informed bexar county that they had that land, and that they were going to seek funds from theboard of regents for the construcitno of the school.

things went along pretty quickly, by sept the funds were approved

the parcel IDed was bordered specifically ... a block of property santa rosa to the west
flores to the east
dolorosa street to the north

judge wolff and i have been fighting over that property for years, i see it as an income to the county, we have been making approx 3.5M a year in rent, from the private people who operate the jail there, that's a very long story.

when we decided to improve san pedro creek, then it was brought to our intention, the city had intentions for dev in the area all the way up flores street

it involves them putingup land, and us putting up land

judge wanted to get rid of th eold jail there

gerry rickhoff

betty bouche, pointed out that land east of san pedro creek was a campo santo, sacred place where half of the population of SA was killed by the spaniards in the initial revolution there before the fight for texas independence. when spain still had mexico as the property ... women of bexar county were forced to watch, and to wash the clothes of the spanish soldiers.

i'm putting that out there, because well we can't have a big operation there with celebration that doesn't fit with the heritage that occured, you can't have all kinds of buzz businesses going there and celenbrations, a lot of marketing and all that stuff, then all of a sudden, after all of that patience the judge and i had with each other, out comes this proposal.

would not only have the involvement, now you have business people standing up like m weston, adding to the funds that will be nec to construct a high quality data center and aspects of modern business that we have right now.

center of the comm

the future for the casa de navarro, it will be a very good spot, we wwill be developing san pedro creek concept, we would come up with several ideas for the casas, but nothing definite.

1700s massacre occurred.

we now feel that this is a tremendous step, judge wolff has always tried to knock my jail down ... If this was an oil well, pumping you 3.5M a year, would you cap it? Well, the time has come to cap it because something much better is being proposed for that area.


give an opp for various lvels of govt to work together

the great oiunt about students coming to the area is that it give syou the opp to do affordable housing. ...

unfort what I've heard is that the tobin lofts, dont have a lot of SAC students, many trinity

many working class students can't afford those ...

lower construction costs so that the students of utsa can live near the school and contribute to the environment, i think that will

dev be good and generally is good
i think we can be helpful,
helpig to provide housing that every

you have lgeacy homes in that area, people who have been in those homes for generations after generations, we want to do ta policy, and

diversity of incomes,

it's exciting, not only can you build more student housing as part of this dec, but you can also get more starter homes. we want them to stay in the ws, stay in the core.

this is an opp for us to take the brains of academia ...


Taylro Eighmy is working on that now,

TE really had a great vision, i was mayor when we did the downtown campus. we were so excited when that was happening, then over the years, we saw it sort of slow down, and not being paid attention to. what we saw now when TE came in was turned that on its ear, instead od

he has turned around and expotentially expanding it

with this tract of land, some 7 acres ...with the school of data science, college of business, it's goig to be a dramatic difference in the synergy that's going to be occuring in the center city partuclayr related to the tech industry

most imrptantly, it's going to be a beacon to a lot of student sliging in the inner city living in the east, west south,

it's really a tremendou change in philosophy regarding inner city that TE has brought to UT at san antonio. great support from the baord of regents.

unanimous 5-0

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