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by Ben OlivoDecember 18, 2018

cps energy shells

is there a delay?

it si movnig forward, i woudln'tcall it a delay,

to have most of the emploees transfer to the biulding by 2020


Sundt contractor

has put together a scheduled for us

2020 — last i heard, i wouldprobably have to confirm, sometime in mid to late

from what i understand, that's pretty much on taarget form what was orignally proposed

copy of schedule


John Moreno

Hi John,

Thanks for speaking with me earlier.

I'm writing an update on the new CPS Energy headquarters. I am requesting an interview with someone who can answer the following basic questions:

the project's timeframe

cost of project, and whether there have been any change orders

how is the project being funded?

what is the timeframe for the parking garage? how tall and how many space?

what is the name of the project manager?

have the other downtown properties been put on the market. If so, can I get the listings?

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