Reporter, photo intern wanted at the Heron

by Ben OlivoDecember 29, 2018

The San Antonio Heron is seeking two journalists to help produce content as we enter 2019.

Here are two contract positions we're hoping to fill sooner than later:

» Reporter (part-time): We need a detail-oriented self-starter who can cover a variety of stories: from neighborhood issues to new restaurant openings to government meetings. The candidate must be available to work 20 hours during the week with the possibility of weekend assignments. As the Heron grows, this position will be among the first to become full-time.

This job is less about getting scoops and more about having a drive to fully understand how the downtown area is changing, and why. To get to that level of understanding, it will take a lot hard work on the part of this reporter—asking tough questions of prominent elected officials, talking to people in the neighborhoods, and reading many boring reports and studies.

The Heron very much attempts to gather all the facts and viewpoints, and present them in an objective way so that we're not swaying the reader in either direction; they decide on their own how they feel about the topic. We're just the conduit between the newsmakers and the reader.

A journalism school background with some photo and video skills are strongly recommended.

This work is good for a minimum of three months. If the Heron continues to grow as it has, again, the job will become permanent.

This is a perfect opportunity for a young reporter looking to gain valuable experience and skills while learning the craft of journalism and helping a budding news organization reach the next level.

» Freelance photographer: We're also looking for a J-student who can shoot a variety of assignments from weekend festivals to council meetings. The candidate can expect an average of five assignments per month, $100 per assignment. As the Heron grows, there is potential for more assignments. Therefore, we're looking for someone who is available a minimum of two days during the week, and most weekends.

All interested candidates should their resume and clips to editor Ben Olivo:

210-421-3932 | | @rbolivo on Twitter

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