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by Ben OlivoJanuary 15, 2019

Public Input Meeting: Displacement Prevention & Mitigation Policy
Neighborhood and Housing Services Department
Displacement Prevention & Mitigation policy
Ella Austin Community Center, 1023 N. Pine St.

Some Soap Factory residents relocate with city aid; most others remain

5:45 p.m.-7:30 p.m.

How many meetings left after this one?

What is the next step after the meeting process ends? When will the policy be crafted?

$1 million
risk mitigation fund

There is $1 million in the risk mitigation fund? No money has been spent? Comes from the general fund? When was it allocated and how? Was it a direct result of the MHPTF?

"This policy will say how we use that money," said Vero Soto, TITLE.
money set aside, we weren't told use it for this
the policy will say this is how and when we will use that money

it will address displacement


in the MPHTF, the benchmark is that if there are over 15M in public incentives to a development, we have to do that, what's the multiplier effect. but we're looking at that moving forward. i know ccdo was looking at what's the impact already

CCDO they did a couple of studies

Did CCDO do its own displacement studies?

moving forward, did this individual project get more than $15M or more

public incentive is broadly defined, it could be a public project, or it could be this one got more than $15M incentives combined

i have not thought of it as a policy overall, because we are looking at projects specific

neither can I (think of a project that received more than $15M in incentives)

The public outreach process began in October and by the end of 2018, the NHSD had conducted three public meetings and two focus groups, Soto said.

How many public meetings so far? How many focus groups?

In an interview WHEN, Soto said the meetings were publicized. NHSD sent invites to people who attended meetings regarding short-term rental assistance, the Mayor's Housing Policy Task Force

they also held targeted focus groups with stakeholders and organizations

we sent stakeholder invites, so anyone who showed up when we were doing the str assistance meetings
mhptf meetings

people who expressed an interest

In November, Mayor Ron Nirenberg recorded a video urging people to attend the meetings. They were broadcast on Facebook live


which meeting was broadcast on FB live and what city FB account was it shown?

they were publicized on the NHSD website?


people could sign up online as well

he RN sent this out in november

we had surveys we went out as well

focus groups
"We really wanted to hear from providers from what they were seeing on the ground from families"
the providers and advocates were in the focus groups

"We spent the first focus groups with a lot of the folks who prevent homelessness, because we wanted to really make sure we captured that."

yes, anybody could go to these meetings

risk mitigation fund available on our website

i don't know if we sent a press release

we started in october, had the second meeting in november, mayor helped us with the video

we had the FB live for the first meeting

OLLU, they've been throughout the city

fund has a $1M
general fund

there could be, yes,

does this policy address the difference between direct and indirect displacement? Does it define it?

we have to figure out how we want to spend it and that's the policy

if there's another instance like mission trails, we didn't have anything then, now we do, if we need it, but my hope is that we don't need it, we have to get ahead of that issue

nothing has ben spent

what's the difference between the short-term rental assistance program and the risk mitigation fund?

soap factory
STrental assistance
we created that program last year

we have staff, staff cost

i don't have a budget number, i think, this year is 100K,

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