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Let's drink beer at Freetail

by Ben OlivoFeb 24, 2019
Freetail Brewing Co. is located at 2000 S. Presa St. BEN OLIVO | HERON

It's been a while since our last public appearance—last November, actually— so it's time for another.

We're hosting our first merch pop-up and mixer 5:30-7:30 p.m. March 7 (Thursday) at Freetail Brewing Co., 2000 S. Presa St. View the Facebook event page.

We'll have shirts and stickers for sale. It's also your opportunity to meet the newest Heron staff members and chat them up about the stories they've been working on. You'll get to meet Heron reporter Gaige Davila, who's reported extensively on the city's risk mitigation policy. And V. Finster, who's worked hard to build the Heron's strong photography presence. And editor Ben Olivo, who's written extensively on Gourdough's.

Members of our board of directors will also attend.

Let's have a beer and talk the issues.

Can't go, but care to make a donation? We accept PayPal.

Contact Ben Olivo: 210-421-3932 | ben@saheron.com | @rbolivo on Twitter

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