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saha ac

Rep Bernal

saha public housing, AC, I don’t think any of us knew of the 6,000 units, there are over 2,000 that don’t have air conditioning, they weren’t provided air conditioning as well.

we endeavored a while back how to solve this problem

You have figured out a way to do this. I cannot be more thankful for that

it’s not very often where we get to take votes, where one’s quality of life.

gordon hartman

when you look at the fac that tahtere are some 2600 units


what i’m most impressed about is how quickly things have come forward on this . . . when the city got involved with the city manager zanoni

it was very impressive to see how many public entities along with private could work in such a n aggresive fashion to solve something

AC units in by the time it gets hot

to me, when i started hearing statistics, on how many calls many of these areas get in th summer becaue of heat exhaustion, it was done something be done

we are going to be able to put people in a lot more comfort

we are dealing with elderly, people who are por, people with special needs, and it’s time to move forward


housing proejcts built many decades ago

alazan apache courts built in 1940s

we didn’t have the extreme weather we see

when this was brought to my attentnio, it was alarming given we have over 100 days

we know it’s the lederyl in part who are affected by this extreme heat.

we don’t recognize how dangerous those

this is a way to help the most vul of our citizens in public housing to get a little bit of relief in the summer time

saha, improve the conditions . . . we’ve bene working on some of those projects for a couple of years now

im’ very grateful gordon for always stepping up

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