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by Ben OlivoApril 10, 2019

Now, this is purely anecdotal, but recently I told Heron reporter Gaige Davila about me and Heron photographer V Finster's excursion into some of Denver Heights more obscure streets to interview folks about their property values.

"We got rolled up on twice," I said to Davila.

"Yeah, that didn't happen in Government Hill," Davila said.

It's true. One was two guys in a pick up truck, asking us why we were taking pictures of their house. Normally, you tell them you're with the media and that sort of diffuses the situation. But with these guys, it took a good 2-3 minutes for the tension to subside.

Another was two ladies in an older sedan who wanted to know why we were taking pictures. I was on a call, but V explained to them who we were and what we were doing.

"Oh yeah, they trying to push us out!," I heard one of the women said.

Going up Dakota Street we came upon many vacant homes and renters. Many, many dogs. On neighbor was outside, within his steel fence, but his three hounds were barking incessantly, there was no point in even trying to engage in a conversation. At one residence, a large beast went from barking at us behind the fence that separates the backyard from the front, to growling at us from underneath the porch. Yeah, we took the &$@# off.

Coming back down the obscure street of Paul Street, there were more homeowners.

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