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royal blue

by Ben OlivoApr 18, 2019
Royal Blue opened Monday at 122 E. Houston St. Photo by Ben Olivo | Heron BEN OLIVO | HERON

breakfast only


craig staley

it's been great, really surprised by the number of people who came by to check it out . . .

it will fill in a lot of the little products, we try to cover the bases to get it open . . . but it takes a good 4-6 weeks to get it fleshed out . . .

always have that,

working on tacos

each store tailored to the N, some residential,
lunch rush
the productmix is very based on what those people

diets changing, here, i think in dallas, we sell a lot more pastries than we do in austin, in austin, they're over it. those things are always kind of changing

we always love to hear from our customers . . .

mostly daytime workers, a lot of visitors, hotels, we'll also serve a lot of the service staff, the folks who work in the restaurants . . . San Antonio is obv very different than austin

there's a lot of traffic down here, weekends, nights

started working two years ago,
refurbishing the store
old. . .

raney street

they rezoned it with no height restrictions

that was kind of the first time

there was a lot of talk about that

gentrification is happening in east austin
displaced people who had been there for a long

it's unfortunate, but it's kind of a product of what happens and that's everybody's trying to get into downtown, and it's going in all directions and that's unfort kind of the way it's xpanding

yeah, i get that. we were a little bit concern that there might be some anti austin pushback
it's been interesting to see bakery lorraine opened up there
we have local coffee
jason daddy just opened a restauarnat, chispas

all of those places have been welcomed

there's none of that going on and i dont think we've felt that in san antonio

i get that, there's good and bad, hopefully, i think what's happening in austin, people see the good outweighing the bad, we've got these vibrant . . . food and cluture, people walking, you guys have scooters, we're ground zero for scooters . . . it's just making mobility better for people downtown, so many choices, so i think people have gotten past that, worrying what's going to happen and more looking at it like this is great. look at so much stuff we have, to go see, do, eat, and it's just vibrant.

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