In the end, the Hays Street Bridge restoration group won. But why?

by Ben OlivoJune 14, 2019

In the end, the Hays Street Bridge Restoration Group won, and got Mayor Ron Nirenberg, and some members of City Council, to admit the city acted in bad faith when it sold the property at 803 N. Cherry St. to Alamo Beer Co. owner Eugene Simor—but it wasn't like it was a resounding victory.

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what Graciela Sanchez said in the text

Sitting in City Council chambers for the four, or so, hours, it wasn't exactly crystal clear to observers WHAT?

mounting pressure
E-N editorial

Begs the question: Would the group have won if it didn't have its motion of contempt in the local district court still active?

It was a rare sight for a City Council meeting, and some on the council, such as Sandoval, acknowledged the

the premise,
if there weren't a lawsuit, Mitch Meyer would have
people would have probably been arrested
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