Forgotten San Antonio neighborhood Barrio Laredito lives on in the Tales of Laredito

by San Antonio CurrentAugust 19, 2019


By Kelly Merka Nelson | San Antonio Current

Mother-daughter duo cultural anthropologist Citlali Maria Zentella and folklorist Binisa Zentella have dedicated themselves to preserving the history and culture of Barrio Laredito, a lively San Antonio neighborhood west of San Pedro Creek that was demolished during urban renewal projects in the 1970s.

Although the neighborhood is often deemed "forgotten," its legacy lives on through its descendants, street names and the Alameda Theater, which was originally built in 1949. However, the neighborhood's centuries-long story — which reaches back to the early 1700s — is still unknown to many. To combat the erasure of the barrio from the local cultural consciousness, the Zentellas have put together a historic presentation titled Tales of Laredito.

On Tuesday, they will present Tales of Laredito at the historic Casa Navarro State Historic Site, combining narrative and song to retell the history in a story divided into five time periods. The free event promises to be particularly eye-opening to any San Antonians born after 1980.

Free, 6 p.m. Tuesday, August 20, Casa Navarro State Historic Site, 228 S. Laredo St., (210) 226-4801,

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