the nix closing

by Ben OlivoSeptember 5, 2019

I was born at the Nix.

this is San Antonio's second building boom. Second to the one in the 1920s that was going on before the stock market crashed.

I don't remember the Weston Centre being built, which is strange.

Now that we're in this second boom, buildings are being evacuated. Buildings like the San Antonio Express-News building, and now the Nix.

The knee-jerk speculation, of course, is that this will be turned into apartments or condos. I'm sure, OWNER'S NAME, has already received the calls.

the old are transforming into others

this has happened before.

the Brady building was an office building

The Emily Morgan was built as a hospital.
why it's considered to be haunted

the Home2Suites was an office building

more residents will mean more

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