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weston urban

by Ben OlivoFeb 20, 2020


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labor street



conservation society
virgnivan claeve
opposes appliation for park
represents such an oroignla departure from application two years ago, so that could be called a bait and switch
the proposal approved by commission, later in june 2018 included drawings that showed no buildings beyond a gazebo and shade structures
"any future building is restricted to a max of 5,000 sf"
"oriingl stones from church stucure
8K sf
even if you do not include the exterior courtyard area, the rest stil
"the park with a gazebo had become a restaurant with a park.
Michael Imber Architects

Michael Imber
addressing thos two issues, one we've never, we were given, the requirements of the park either 4-5 sf building, the building is AC under that sf, there's no defiition on what 4-5 sf is. we were under in terms of AC sf
requirement of stone, we weren't involved in the approval of initial park, so we're not sure what the approval is
but that stone has been used to create the original footprint of the old pres church closer to where the old pres church was located at the park

LADY—we did incorporate some design elements that spke to the pres church footprint that was the corner of houston street and flores street, so in the park promenande you can kind of see a nod to that footprint

stone from old frost motorbank

i dont think it was pres church stone, but it was stone we were incprorating to be in that same area, that is actually installed now.

will open in april

all of that was incorporated.

pinkerton's is in a differet portion of the site

as far as the sf goes, we were trying to keep wtihin the 4-5K sf range, the space fo the restuarant is within that threshold
some extensions that feel like an immerson into the park
for that reason, we try to accomodate what the teannt was expecting barbecue in downtown SA inside of a park


shows original site plan


as we began to work the 4-5 sf into that red circle, inside that red circle are several existing oak trees, in order to protect the health of those trees we tried to skoot the building footprit a little farther out

but the building footprint we had to skoot over a little bit to the east


pit room has screen panel walls to allow for some transparency, connect to outer park edge into the park itself


I wasin a couple of the DRCs

we asked designers to go back and look at detailing and materials, and they have done that, bringing in more masonry, as opposed to siding or cooregated metal. change from coorugated metal to standing seam

our goal was to keep it as much of a park space as possible, adding a restuarant was part of the manner to operate it as a park.

approved with staff stpulations???


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