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Watch: Housing affordability discussed at Heron panel

by Ben OlivoFeb 23, 2020

About 100 people came out last Wednesday to our first public discussion on housing despite inclement weather. It started about the future of housing in the downtown area, and quickly turned to a discussion about affordability citywide.

Thank you to our panelists, Mayor Ron Nirenberg, Sofia Lopez, housing researcher; Randy Smith, president of Weston Urban; and Assistant City Manager Lori Houston for participating.

More thanks:
» to our staff and volunteers who helped pull it off.
» to the Cherrity Bar staff, who worked their butts off to transform the dining tent into a speaking venue.
» to NOWCast SA for recording the discussion.
» to San Japan, the local anime convention, for donating the sound system.
» to Dorcol, the distillery and brewery, for donating the keg of Betty beer

As I said that night, we realize there are many voices when it comes to housing who need to be heard in open forums such as these. We plan to host more events that include everyone from renters to housing nonprofits to bankers—the whole gamut.

These events don't grow on trees. Please consider supporting us so we can host more events like these. Learn how here.

Contact Ben Olivo at 210-421-3932 | ben@saheron.com | @rbolivo on Twitter

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