City to house homeless in hotels during coronavirus pandemic, ease burden on shelters

by Ben OlivoApril 14, 2020


occupants cannot leave room
occupants do no receive a key
not outside visitors allowed
no alcohol, drugs, smoking
no cleaning provided, but clean sheets an dmaterials available if they need them
security by SAPD
no pets or service drugs

covid hotline
that person gives info, they would be screened, then determined if they have to go into an isolation care facility

1 tenant so far

840 rooms idendified

62 rooms secured and ready

another 778 IDed and are available

these facilities have different mission that DHS Facilities

lori houston


contract with a hotel
house iup to 400 high risk homeless individuals

open temporary overflow shelter
for those not experiencing any symptoms

churches and other partners can pick up and share with homless at drop off points





are you going to sign a contract??
the city will sign a contract with the hotel?
how long is this contract for,


1.69M hotel compoennt

remaining is for servicing those in hotel with food

and mental health services

est 90 days

we just IDed this hotel yesterday, and we are


read sara cline / study homelessness




What’s the best explanation

point in time

5.  What hotel will be receiving the 300+ overflow from the homeless shelters?     What are the other 3-5 hotels ACM Lori Houston        mentioned?
As stated to City Council, City staff has secured several hotels in preparation of needing accommodations for individuals and families that must be quarantined because they tested positive for COVID 19.  If needed, these hotels can also be used to support hospital overflow.  
Haven for Hope and the City are also securing a hotel to specifically house high-risk homeless individuals that are currently at the Haven for Hope Campus or other shelters.  “High Risk homeless” would be considered to be anyone over the age of 55 that has one or more pre-existing health conditions.  
Due to the emergency nature of these contracts, the sensitivity to the health conditions of the individuals and the continued negotiation of these and other properties, the City will not be naming the hotels or their locations at this time.       
6.   When does the city receive the $500,000 from the SA Housing Trust Foundation? Is the Foundation leveraging the other $500,000 to procure marching contributions from LISC and other organizations? If so, what other organizations?
The $500,000 was approved by the San Antonio Housing Trust (SAHT) at its board meeting yesterday and is available for use immediately.   The SAHT will consider the additional contribution of $500,000 at a later date. 


San Antonio's homeless shelters are full and are not taking in new clients in order to maintain social distancing inside, which has caused the city to seek partnerships with hotels to house the overflow, city officials said Tuesday.


the hotel that lori was talking about is for high risk people, 55 or older with untderlying medical conditions from existing shelters to that hotel.


those are currently beoing used, or in the even they are needed


the plan is to use those as soon as we can sign the contract

our hope is we can move those 300+ individuals from existing shelters into the hotel

should somebody test positive for covid 19, if they should not remain in their home or if they dont have a home to go to

from cabello havdrda —— Rightn ow they are not accepting new clients, they can accomodate existing clients, they very much want this hotel where they can move the high risk clients


Shelters, do they have adequate space for distancing??


Yes when we reached out to them
They had enough space in ther facility


The people int he homeless encampemnts, who are being visited, they are being offered food and hygeiene kits. But are they offering shelter?


If we find a family, we can find a shelter for them

If there is a single male with no military connection, currently no place t put them
SF using convention center . . . something we can do possible if we want to pursue it


Rest. We just started canvassing last week. Our team meets every monday morning, they are looking at data, not only see if there are hot spots, but emerging hotpots.
All of those layer help us determine where we are going to focus some of that outreach. Currently, we are looking at certain zip codes, and i want to answer that for you real quick.

With all San Antonio homeless shelters at capacity


city launching homelessness connection hotline
help connect people living in hotels to resources

haven for hope and other shelters no longer accepting new clients

another vulnerable, those living in downtown streets and encampments, staff and partners are providing food, hygeiene, access to hand washing stations and info to covid 19

working with homeless shelters to
develop protoclls to test homeless

BRIDGER explanation




with regard to additional shelters, i'm very ??? additional shelters for ahven for hope, it needs to be done, it's a no brainer, there's no reason why we should have folks on the streets when we have thousands of empty hotel rooms.



homeless hubs

i understand they are providing some critical resources to unsheltered homeless, have we considered using these folks to screen folks, i know we can't do testing,
exhibiting symptoms whether it's a fever or something else

theyve become a place where we are trying to provide critical services to people who are unsheltered


yes we will be doing that, and will be looking at optios for how to make that happen



with regard to self quarantine units, are there nits for covid positive homeless individuals or families.
how are we making sure those needs are being met if they are being isolated together.


we do have quarantined options for four separate categories
homeless being one of those

4-5 hotels we are already working with

some on contracts


300 nbeds, for individuals an dnot for families???


ive moved to lori office to answer questions,
300 rooms are primarily for people over 55 and their high risk medically fragile individuals

typically not families, but we can handle a family unit


going to places where we know homeless people congregate


we are, CDC guidance is that we not try to disband any encampments, previously, we would work with them to


follow up, i knkow you just gave information, there is going to be a hotline where people can call for help
what if their phones have bene disconnected
if i were to run into someone ???


we are working on getting that number more well known


?? elementary??? are we still taking people to the elementary school?


we are taking people from haven to markell elementary schoo, it's a small number of people, we took adj of that opp in order to increase social distancing while people are sleeping

we haven't moved the people from the hotel yet, once we do, we will likely use that for other overflowing needs for homeless onlly if we need them

More information about the fund is available at Residents seeking assistance should visit or call 210-207-5910.

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