Additional $8 million located to help San Antonians weather COVID-19 crisis

by Ben OlivoApril 22, 2020


At the request of some City Council members, city officials have identified an additional $8 million for San Antonians who need help paying rent or their mortgage, and other living expenses.
for the council to consider

Last week, they told the council there was $15.8 million

Treviño asked for an additional $10 million
who said it's not enough

criticism that the local money is what SA needs more of.


$2.5 million from the parking enterprise fund will be used to pay some of the $7 million payment in general fund dollars to VIA. That will free up $2.5 million from the general fund, which will be used for the COVID-19 Emergency Housing Assistance Program.

spent locally
The additional dollars were identified by the city staff, said Assistance City Manager Lori Houston, and are not a recommendation.

"The addition of non federal dollars does provide more flexibility in the program because you cannot use federal dollars for cash assistance and those that would not qualify for federal funding. " — LH

The additional dollars from the SAHT and TIRZ must be approved by their own boards.

for the council to consider
has the support of Sandoval

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