sunshine laundry

by Ben OlivoJune 13, 2020
The former Sunshine Laundry site at 617 N. Flores St.
The former Sunshine Laundry site at 617 N. Flores St. Photo by Ben Olivo | Heron BEN OLIVO | HERON

Weston Urban

3.2 acres

former Sunshine Laundry site at 617 N. Flores St.


when acquired? been a while??? in 2015-ish
the bulk of that parcel, came from was the former sunshine laundry
three smallish parcels we picked

incorporate the facade, we actually didn't have to, we chose to
i thought it would be a shame to do away with it, we have preserved that on our own accord
$$$—no sir

housing? I can say I want it be housing, that is, to me that site has housing written all over it
because of its historical uses, the proeprty came with some no insig environ challenges
we are not done yet
there is still some wood to chop there on the environmental side

for the longest time, there was a great deal of ... they're across the street, to the north and south of us, they have us wholely surrounded
SAISD is using the old baseball field as a dirt parking lot.
we've been a little reluctant to get too deep in planning until ???
foxtech baseball field to the south
at one point the D had agreed to sell us those proerties, then they unagreed to sell us htose properties
its been really hard to tell what their vision or proposed use is for the baseball field to the south

the real update up there is that the creek is filling in nicely, SAISD, i bet they're 2-3 months away from being done on that thing.

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