Analysis: Making sense of the CDC's eviction moratorium

by Ben OlivoSeptember 6, 2020
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For rent stock image. Photo by Andrea Moreno | Heron contributor

Let's get one thing straight first:

The city's housing assistance fund, which has helped nearly 15,000 San Antonio families stay sheltered during the pandemic, is almost out of money.

Now that the Centers for Disease Control has imposed a nationwide eviction moratorium through the end of the year,

If there's one aspect to massive effort by the City of San Antonio to prevent its citizens from becoming evicted during the pandemic, it's that the emergency relief program, from a technical aspect, was about keeping—not the landlord whole—but the banks.

Just before the weekend started, Bexar County amended an executive order putting a temporary moratorium on evictions.

The order was issued Friday.

PP what it says

which said what?


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order's impact on local emergency assistance

emergency assistance

need more money — 

landlord response


cosa response

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