government hill

by Ben OlivoSeptember 18, 2020



Residents of upper Government Hill gained a huge victory Thursday when the City Council voted to postpone voting on a zoning change that would convert several residential lots along Interstate 35, near one of Fort Sam Houston's gates, into a commercial use.

What transpired was a huge come from behind victory, with District 2 Councilwoman Jada Andrews-Sullivan having already made up her mind to vote in favor of the rezoning.

what is seen as a microcosm of what may happen to other urban neighborhoods

so much so, many Council members spoke and offered their viewpoints,
at one point, Courage and Treviño voted against the measure
while two others recused themselves.
Treviño and Sandoval asked Andrews-Sullivan to consider a continuance, because they said they had been bombarded by emails from their constituents worried the Government Hill case would set a precedent.

fierce lines drawn

that has formed three neighborhood associations

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