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income discrimination ordinance

by Ben OlivoJan 30, 2021

what is being proposed

How do vouchers work in regards to LLs? Who is allowed to receive vouchers? Who is not?

income discrimination ordinance
applies only to properties that receive city incentive?

"YES, if they receive a city incentive, that’s when it kicks in. i opened the slide … "

"no the LL is not obligated. SAHA is the primary facilitator, any LL they have t meet certain housing quality cetners. they have to make sure a unit rented with a vouhjcer needs to make sure. at least one annual inspection. they’re not the only ones who give vouchers. a LL is not obligated. people still have to need the other crtieria if a LL has. if LL still require a certain credit level to rent to their tenants, then that’s the criteria to rent to th eplace they have, then that’s fine. all it means is that if the tenant meet all the criteria, and they have a voucher, all things being equal, the voucher holder should be rented to. if the other criteria is what disqualifies, then they can do that. the reason … "

"you would think. exactly. it varies. i’m looking at our programs if we give someone the gap financing with cdbg or home, our programs already put that in play becaues that’s a federal rule, LL already nkow that they have to accept voucher holders, many of them go after hom e or cdbg funding because they want to house people with vouchers. the home and cdbg wants to ensure they can take vouchers and keep units affodable, in our pgorams its easy. the other programs that dont ahve that kind of rule already in place."

"CCDO incentives dont already have that. some of them as you know can be very sig amount of subsidy. and so ccdo doesn’t have the fed regulations if tye, oh by the way, . . . you also have to rent to voucher holders. another example, in NHSD we have funded with TRIRZ funding as well. but tirz funding itself doesn’t have that requirement. state law is what drives them ??? allows AH and housing in general to be eligible for tirz, but it doesn’t specify as much as hud does. the tirezs is more eco dev oriented.. tirz and ccdo and i think the last AH grant to a tirz, $1.5M . TIRZ by itself wouldn’t hage anything saying oh by the way you can’t turn people away if they happen to have a voucher. the source of income descrimination has to have some paridy across programs that dont have requirement, the funding sources."

"Yes, but they i would be careful to say those, it doesn’t prohibit them the people who receive city incentive from having their own crtieria for eligiblity to qualify tenants. it can’t be, oh i dont rent
you cant be a sex offender, your credit score has to be at least this high. they can still create their own criteria."

"from the advocacy, we dont have hard dat on that. if they have a voucher and they go to five dfifferen tplaces to try to rent, they are not always reporting back. they these trhee places turned me down, because we dont ahve a voucher."

"the comm advocates ahve said this is an issue. we dont have data tracking that, because we haven’t gone and asked."

"opart of it is, i thnk there was, it’s also what the state alloows us to do. if we’re giving someone a benefit, a new incentive to build AH, we can do it. there was some pushback a coupel of uyears ago when austin trying to do citywide, regardless if you had gotten an incentive. the state prohibited that. two maybe three months ago, we told them what the possibilities was. at the city we can’t do citywide for every apartment, for every LL tenant situations because the state prohibits us from doing it. the state does not prohibit us from property who received city incentive."

/// it’s just under this ord if you have operating. aprpertuy that had a city incentive, cannot turn people away simply on

the voucher cannot be the reason

is this a perceived or actual problem — what is the scale of this potential issue

do we have data to back up this occuring in SA????
we do have the research that has been done
some members of the comm have done analysis by calling complexes


What organizations did NHSD consult?

National study by Poverty & Race Action Council

Where did this come from?

Who has NHSD consulted?

BUT ARE current city incentivized developments doing the discrimination? Or is the anectital evidence coming from other LLs?

struck down by state in 2015, after mobilization by apartment comm members


now cities are preempted from adopting city wide ordinances

compliance period length of the award?

complaints work like current NDO ordinance?


Feb. 8
planning and land development committee

# of city incentivized developments that do not accept the section 8 voucher.

SAHA figures on the topic

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