Dear Heron readers,

This is a critical time for our newsroom.

Our NewsMatch fundraising campaign is going well. So far, we've raised $5,380 toward our goal of $11,500 with less than a month to go. Thank you to the 89 of you who have donated. To our other readers, we need your help in crossing the finish line.

On Monday, we're launching our first Heron Holiday Raffle, during which we'll give away a prize every weekday for two weeks. Prizes will be announced every day at 10 a.m.; winners will be announced Fridays.

Here's how to enter, while supporting our work in the process.

Donate at least $25 by clicking on the graphic below, or by clicking here.

That's it!

Those who enter will automatically receive a Next Level Heron T-shirt and additional swag.

Those of you who have already donated $25 or more during our NewsMatch campaign will be automatically entered.

Follow the raffle on our Facebook event page.

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The prizes are nice, yes, but here's the coolest part:

As you may or may not know, we were accepted into NewsMatch, a national campaign that helps nonprofit newsrooms like us raise critical funds. NewsMatch will double any single donation or an existing monthly donation in November and December. It will also match any new monthly donation 12x.

By entering our raffle, your $25 (or more!) will turn into $50 thanks to NewsMatch.

An injection of $23,000 ($11,500 x 2) into our budding newsroom would guarantee we will continue to publish well into 2021.

We remain committed to producing independent, in-depth journalism about how San Antonio's center city is changing. The larger our donation stream, the better we can accomplish our mission to the fullest.

Thank you for your time, and be safe out there.

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Heron Editor Ben Olivo can be reached at 210-421-3932 | | @rbolivo on Twitter

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